Smalley Products

We offer a number of services that allow us to bring added value to our customers. Our services include, but are not limited to custom design and fabrication, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and project management.

Our Products Include:

  • Unique Sanitary conveyors and systems
  • StorveyorTM—in-line and off-line sanitary storage systems
  • GyroLiftTM—pivoting bucket elevators (USDA Meat and Poultry and USDA and WDA Dairy accepted models available)
  • VersaLift—free-wheeling bucket elevators
  • Electrical Control panels and control systems (UL certified)
  • Pack-Off conveyors and turntables
  • Tumbler drums and Seasoners with Auger feeders
  • Hoppers, bins, and structural platforms
  • AutoGlide®—horizontal motion conveyors
  • Vibratory feeders
  • EMC2+ TM—vibratory conveyors and distribution systems
  • RBC and ED—mechanical vibratory conveyors

High Quality & Sanitary Conveyor Systems

Cleanability and reliability are the key objectives in the design of Smalley Manufacturing Company’s equipment. With over 50 separate equipment models accepted by the USDA Meat and Poultry, Smalley is recognized throughout the food industry for its high quality, sanitary designs. in addition, some models are certified for USDA DAIRY applications. Whatever your requirements, Smalley has the conveyor for you.

Conveyors & Conveyor Systems

At Smalley manufacturing we have a long standing commitment to engineering excellence. That has been true ever since our company began as a single invention back in 1932. Alfred Smalley Sr.’s creation of a nut shelling machine launched a company that would specialize in sanitary food handling systems throughout a long productive history. Today Smalley is an engineering driven company, whose solutions are behind some of the biggest names in the food industry. These companies count on Smalley for a diverse range of efficient and productive sanitary conveying and storage systems. Smalley excels because we work hard to understand our customers’ production processes as well as other key considerations that go into producing packaging and marketing a product. This desire to work closely with every customers’ organization produces numerous benefits for those we serve.

At Smalley we engineer success. We know every aspect of the manufacturing process has to be addressed. We work with customers in many industries, and the combination of proven solutions with an ability to customize each solution to each customers need gives us the ability to meet and exceed customers’ requirements and expectations.

With our headquarters located in Knoxville, TN, one days’ drive of more than 50% of the nation’s population gives our sales and service team easy access to customers. We are available before, during, and after every sale, which enables us to ensure performance at every level.

Smalley’s focus is on the customers of tomorrow. We aim to help our customer create superior products for their own customers, which is part of our aim to engineer success at every level.

Let us help engineer your next success today by browsing through our products and services here, or if you would like to speak with someone give us a call and we would be glad to help you right away!

Multi Scale Distribution System

The Storveyor™ Product Storage System

The Smalley Storveyor is the answer to uniform flow of product to packaging. The Storveyor can provide surge protection for packaging by providing in-line storage of product between processing and packaging. Storveyor systems will also provide off-line storage of product when the packaging machine is down, or when production exceeds the limits of packaging or when there is a time frame difference between processing and packaging.

Smalley offers a wide range of options to meet most operating requirements. Last-in-first-out (LIFO) systems offer a very economical method of packaging surge protection and temporary storage of product during short packaging stoppages. Storveyor optional intake units offer First-in-first-out (FIFO) capability when storage time is a factor. FIFO systems feature storage loading units of several designs which have been developed for gentle handling of most food products. Storveyor designs are selected to meet the exact requirements of each application, no matter how small or how complex the system requirements, Smalley Storveyor is the answer to in process product storage.

Additional Options:

  • Belt conveyor, vibratory conveyor, bucket conveyor intake systems.
  • Vertical motion loading, Horizontal motion loading, Vertical and Horizontal motion loading systems.
  • Storveyor bed types, fabric food grade belt, plastic food grade belt, stainless steel slats.
  • Discharge configurations; in-line or right angle, conveyor belts or vibratory conveyors.

USDA accepted models available.


Horizontal Motion Conveyors

AutoGlide® Horizontal Differential Motion Conveyor

Smalley’s AutoGlide® Horizontal Differential Motion Conveyor is the answer for products which benefit from a sliding action, rather than the conventional lift and pitch action of vibrating conveyors. Your fragile products will be conveyed without fear of breakage. Your powder-coated product will arrive with coating intact.

The AutoGlide® is offered with a wide range of options. Conveyor lengths and widths are available to suit application requirements. All pans are sanitary stainless steel, however, various screens, coatings and surface finishes are offered. Conveyor may be floor-mounted or hung from the ceiling. Sanitary frame designs are available in satin finished stainless steel or white food grade urethane, enamel-coated carbon steel. Single or multiple gates may be used for bottom discharge. Drop height of the product transfer is minimal to prevent product damage. The drive unit may be located in several positions as application requires. Conveying speed may be adjusted at the turn of a knob if variable speed is required.

  • Delivers fragile products without damage.
  • Coated and seasoned products retain their coating.
  • Products not segregated by “shuffle” conveying.
  • Clean design promotes sanitation.
  • USDA models available.
  • Oil-free drive delivers low maintenance.
  • Long conveyor lengths.
  • Gates deliver product to multiple locations.

We also offer a Mid-Drive AutoGlide® Horizontal Differential Motion Conveyor

Mid-Drive AutoGlide® Advantages

  • Center drive and end gates.
  • Modular distribution system to feed multiple scales.
  • Lubricated-for-life sealed bearings.

Horizontal Motion Conveyor

Smalley Manufacturing Company is the leader in vibrating conveyor technology and design. We offer 80+ years of expertise bringing world class technology, reliability and versatility to the next generation of Vibrating Conveyors.

We offer two different styles of vibratory conveyors:

Mechanical Drive and Electromagnetic Drive

Electromagnetic Vibratory Conveyor:

The Smalley EMC2+ represents the cutting edge in vibrating conveyor technology and design. The EMC2+ uses electromagnetic drives providing unmatched response and control of product conveyance. Below are some of the key features that are part of the EMC2+ conveyor. 

  • Instant Start and Stop, either manually or remote.
  • Sanitary, satin-finish stainless steel pan design.
  • USDA approved models (dairy or meat) are available.
  • Full washdown capability.
  • Low maintenance, with no mechanical moving parts.
  • Solid state controls mounted in NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • Automatic load compensation via amplitude feedback circuit.
  • Adjustable flow rate, achieved manually or by remote with a 4-20 milliamp signal.
  • Very low noise level (less than 65 decibels). Sound deadening pans are available for noisy products.
  • Quick-change screens, custom-designed to your specifications, are available.vibratory conveyorsEMC2+ Conveyor

Mechanical Vibratory Conveyor:

Smalley offers two types of Mechanical Vibratory Conveyors:

1. The RBC (Reactive Base Conveyor)
2. The EDC (Eccentric Drive Conveyor)

Either type is available in stainless or carbon steel construction. Both conveyors are excellent for performing scalping, screening, or dewatering functions. The RBC is a twin mass, indirect vibration conveyor, while the ED is a brute force model. Both conveyors utilize motor driven eccentric weight drive assemblies for operation.


RBC (Reactive Base Conveyor 

  • Utilizes smaller HP drive.
  • Transfers vibration indirectly (twin mass).
  • Floor Mount or Suspended.
  • Excellent vibration isolation.

ED (Eccentric Drive Conveyor)

  • Constant conveying rate.
  • Offers best economy.
  • Direct transfer of vibration.
  • Larger drive, fewer springs.
  • “Brute Force” vibration.
  • Floor Mount or Suspended.

  Belt Conveyors

Smalley Belt Conveyors are designed to meet the needs of an application where off-the-shelf. mass-produced conveyors will not do the job. Smalley designs are able to incorporate a wide variety of special added functions, such as the metal detecting and continuous weighing of conveyed products.

Formed sheet metal frames, tubular frames, slider bed,  and troughed bed designs are a few of the standard options available for the Smalley Belt Conveyor. Smalley offers a wide range of options to meet most operating requirements. Conveyor widths and lengths are available to suit any application requirements with unlimited configurations

Sanitary frame designs are available in stainless steel to offer the best in corrosion resistance for washdown applications. When washdown designs are not required, we offer custom painted carbon steel or aluminum frame designs for reduced costs. With our established relationships with the worlds leading belt manufacturers, we can offer belt conveyors using all of the application specific belting requirements. 

*We have new positive drive belt conveyor designs that feature easy to remove guards, transitions, and belts for easy cleaning in an effort to reduce sanitation downtime. *

All Smalley Conveyors are designed for optimum Durability, Reliability and Easy Cleaning.

Bucket Lifts

Unique Design Features

  • Overlapping rigid buckets with exclusive bronze bushings at pivot points which far outlast the competitors’ buckets.
  • Stainless-steel cross rods on “I” and “L” models lock buckets on chain.
  • Sumitomo in line, grease filled, TEFC reducers are energy efficient and do not leak oil.

Safety Features

  • Exposed chain guarded to height of 7ft. from floor.
  • Adjustable torque limiter prevents damage to machinery if product jam occurs.
  • Disconnect switch on motor with lock-out feature.
  • Standard anti-reverse mechanism on all lifts.


  • 10 bucket sizes available in polypropylene, polyethylene, and polycarbonate. Each size and material available with center divider.
  • Open tubular frames available in satin finish stainless steel or painted carbon steel.
  • Chain available in carbon steel or stainless steel with oversized Delrin rollers in all models.
  • Sprockets available in stainless steel, carbon steel, plated carbon steel or UHMW. The UHMW sprockets do not require roller bearings and are ideal for wet or corrosive locations.
  • Roller-bearing housings are available painted, plated, composite plastic or stainless steel. 
  • Shafts available in carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Configuration and dimensions as required by customer.
  • Single or multiple discharge points.
  • Indexing options. 

Tote Fill gentle Spiral Letdown Tote Fill Systems

Smalley Manufacturing offers a tote fill unit – “GSLS” – specifically designed to fill totes efficiently while lowering the product gently into the bin. The system incorporates a steel holding bin mounted on a sturdy tubular construction platform. The product is then gently and precisely conveyed from the bin via an electromagnetic feeder on to the constant velocity spiral.

The spiral is specifically designed to maintain a constant conveying speed that will reduce degradation to the product. Once the tote is in position and presented for filling by the roller feed system, the spiral will lower to within a foot of the bottom of the tote, then slowly raise as the product fills the tote, leaving a minimum amount of product free-fall that will in turn reduce the degradation.

The product and tote weight is constantly monitored by load cells sitting directly below the tote. A leveling shaker is also included to condense the volume of the product into the tote. Once the tote reaches the desired weight, the spiral will fully retract and the now filled tote will be conveyed into a staging area while a new tote enters the system.

The control system is state of the art using Allen Bradley components with a fully integrated tough screen for easy operation. Our controls shop is UL listed and strictly complies the latest codes; we will also engineer our controls using components of your preference.

Dependent upon the sanitation requirements, the unit can be manufactured from all stainless steel for complete wash-down, or more economical carbon steel with stainless contact parts.


  • Compact and robust design
  • Gentle on your products
  • Fully automated system
  • Tote staging can be increased or decreased
  • Manufactured to meet your sanitation requirements
  • Proven technology backed by the Smalley name for excellenceTote Fill Station

Custom Equipment

Smalley Manufacturing specializes in designing and manufacturing custom conveyors and conveyor systems for the food handling industry. We do not limit our offerings to only what has been built before. Every new project is an opportunity to develop the best system for the application without limits.

As one of the oldest companies in the country that devotes its efforts exclusively to food-conveying systems, it makes sense that Smalley remains on the cutting edge of technology, quality, and service.

This means that the equipment manufactured by Smalley is custom designed for each application which ensures that every last detail has been considered, ensuring proper application and quality operation of every component for the customer.

Custom Solutions Smalley ManufacturingSmalley Manufacturing

Stoker Feeder Hopper

Smalley manufactures many different styles of Feeder Hoppers to complement your material handling needs. Capacities range from a simple 3 cubic-foot transition chute with electromagnetic feeder to smooth out product surge, to hoppers of all shapes and sizes serving as a holding device providing controlled metered product flow, such as not to overflow downstream equipment.

Feeder Hoppers constructed of stainless steel are available in a variety of sanitary finishes to suit your application including; dimpled stainless for not-so-free flowing products, a variety of stainless finishes, and coatings such as a nitrile baked on coating for fragile products. Conveying capacities range from a trickle feed up to 1500 cubic feet per hour. The feeder hoppers come complete with support stands, generally carbon or stainless steel construction, and on the smaller units mobile hopper feeders are available using adjustable locking casters.

Dependent upon the process requirements, once the product leaves the hopper screening feeders are also available for oversize product and fines removal.Metered Product Distribution

Pack-Off Conveyors

The Smalley Pack-off Conveyor is representative of our ability to build all types and styles of belt conveyors. The Smalley Pack-off, available in a wide range of sizes, will receive bagged product from your form-fill machine and transport to your hand-pack station.


  • Available with or without turntable.
  • Concave turntables in 35″ or 46″ diameter.
  • Concave turntables are stainless steel.
  • Conveying surface can vary from 8″ to 30″ wide.
  • Twin conveyors can be manufactured to fit packaging machines with wide bag discharge centers.
  • Intralox belting available to prevent small bags from falling through chain.

Special length and height available to meet your every need.

Smalley Mfg. Pack-Off

Constant Velocity Spiral Letdown Chutes

Smalley Manufacturing is able to offer stainless steel constant velocity spiral letdown chutes that are specifically designed to maintain constant product velocity and reduce acceleration for letdown applications. These spiral chutes are able to be customized to unique environments where off-the-shelf solutions are not viable. Constant velocity spiral let down chutes have been used successfully with snack foods, cookies, crackers, candy, nuts, pasta, cereals, grains, pet food, and more.

Benefits include:

  • Stainless steel, all-welded construction
  • Sanitary, easy to clean design
  • Quick, gentle handling that reduces breakage
  • Constant product velocity down the spiral
  • Efficient use of space
  • No maintenance required

Spiral Chute

Seasoning Equipment

Smalley Manufacturing can provide dry seasoning applicators. Our model “A” seasoner has been specially designed with the input of the snack food industry to provide a smooth-running leak-free design with precise control of seasoning dispensing . The units are easily cleanable and are designed with reliability and operator safety in mind.

Our seasoners are incorporate stainless-steel screw augers and customizable discharge ends providing the ultimate control of seasoning dispensing.

The infeed hopper has a grate for preventing clumping  of product. As product is fed out of the hopper, it passes through a paddle assembly for additional declumping before seasoning is conveyed out the discharge tube.

seasoner Smalley Manufacturing

Blending Systems

Blending systems have been a part of our system’s expertise for many years. With our complementary line of equipment along with the intergration of weigh belt feeders and other devices, Smalley Manufacturing has become an industry leader in this area. May of our blending systems are comprised of components such as tote dumpers, bulk bag unloaders, receiving hoppers, vibrating feeders, blending drums, mixing conveyors, bulk tote, or scale feed systems. Our controls expertise in this area is second to none, working with our customers to develop blending recipies as required at the touch of a simple screen. No matter what the sanitation requirements, or blend accuracy may demand Smalley Manufacturing can engineer a solution to your blending project. As part of our support we offer onsite training for your personnel in the operation of our blending systems, and full mechanical support during in house testing and onsite installation.

Air Conveying

Along with mechanical handling conveying systems Smalley Manufacturing has supplied several air conveying systems delivering plastic components to bottle filling lines. These systems can involve single or multiple lines dependent upon the application requirements. Smalley Manufacturing has designed and built systems with as many as 12 different color components, consisting of product roller conveyor staging conveyors, mobile tote dumper to collect each color product and dump it into the assigned receiving hoppers, hopper unloading feeders transporting product to one or multiple lines, and the air conveying systems with defusing hoppers delivering different color plastic components to their required bottling station. Along with the aforementioned components our controls team can provide complete programing and design to assure precise inventory control and system management.

Electrical Controls

Smalley Manufacturing’s Electrical Controls Department provides comprehensive engineering services from concept through installation including the following: design, documentation, construction, programming, field commissioning, and service. In addition to turnkey control systems for Smalley conveyor systems, the Controls Department provides third-party design assistance and panel construction to other companies.

Our extensive control system installations are Allen Bradley and Siemens-based, and include PLC-5, SLC-500, MicroLogix, FlexLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix,
Siemens Logo and Simatic S7 hardware systems. We offer a wide range of operator interfaces including but not limited to discrete operators, Allen-Bradley RSView products (PanelView, RSView, and InView), and Siemens operator interface products based on Simatic WinCC. Smalley is versed in various networks including: DH-485, DH+, DeviceNet, ControlNet, EtherNet, and ProfiBus.

Smalley produces UL-approved and CSA-approved control panels that exhibit the same high quality and attention to detail that customers have come to expect from Smalley’s conveyor products.


  • Conceptual Design
  • Functional Specification
  • Drawing Package Generation
  • Field Commissioning
  • Procurement
  • Software Development
  • UL- and CSA-approved Panels
  • System Testing
  • Field Commissioning
  • Customer Training
  • As-built Documentation
  • Technical Support

Comprehensive In-House Services

All design, engineering, and fabrication tasks required to produce Smalley control systems are performed in-house by our staff of degreed electrical engineers, electrical technicians, and craftsmen. Our conscientious staff enables Smalley to produce the very best control panels in-house.

Software design is accomplished using Rockwell Software and Siemens development tools. Complete electrical drawing packages are generated using AutoCad. Control elements are often “modeled” with AutoDesk Inventor as a part of the system layout. System documentation is provided to the Customer on CD or DVD media.Electrical Engineering and Controls

System Integration

Having spent many years designing and building product distribution systems Smalley Manufacturing has been called upon by our customer base to implement and manage the test assembly and product trials of completely integrated systems.

This involves receiving ancillary equipment from other vendors, mating the equipment together checking for fit and finish according to the system layout, temporary wiring and controls check out, and complete performance testing with customer personnel at our plant. The system is then dismantled and repackaged, shipped, and followed up with first class onsite service personnel both electrical and mechanical to manage the reassembly of the production line.

From a customer communication stand point, the moment Smalley Manufacturing is contracted for such a system trial, a project manager is assigned that oversees all phases of the contract – maintaining one point of contact, a very vital point when communicating with multiple suppliers.

No matter how complex your system testing needs may be contact us as we have all the right disciplines to manage your project and we can provide many references to back up our history of successful projects.

The vision of Smalley Manufacturing is to be the most respected name in custom designed and manufactured conveyors and conveying systems in North America. We strive to continue our transformation in manufacturing, engineering, sales, service, and management techniques as an ongoing learning process, while striving diligently and conscientiously to build and improve our relationship with our customers, our employees, and our suppliers, by always remembering that in a truly successful company, everybody wins. Smalley Manufacturing Company has represented excellence in sanitary conveying and machine design since 1940. Located in the beautiful East Tennessee region of the Great Smoky Mountains, Smalley Manufacturing is a group of highly skilled people dedicated to serving their customers.

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