Introducing Smalley Manufacturing’s Blog & Social Media Presence

We at Smalley Manufacturing strive to maintain a personal relationship with our customers, and part of that includes staying in touch and keeping you up to date with the day-to-day operations here in Knoxville. We are happy to announce our presence on two social media networks, Facebook and LinkedIn, in order to stay in touch with our most important asset – you the customer.

Smalley Manufacturing will now be posting a weekly blog, which can be found HERE. This blog will feature helpful, interesting, and informative articles about anything and everything Smalley. It is meant to bring added value to each visitor, and we ask that you give us feedback on the article if possible.

We have also created a Smalley Manufacturing Facebook page that you can access via the link at the top of this page. We will post weekly updates about what’s happening at the plant, sharing pictures and video. The blog articles can be found here, also.

Lastly, we have created a LinkedIn page for Smalley. This page will feature product information and the same interesting facts found on the blog and on the Facebook page.

We hope that you will read our blog, like us on Facebook, and follow our LinkedIn page so that we can better stay in touch with you.

If you have any input, please comment in the section below.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for future updates from Smalley Manufacturing!

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