Choosing The Correct Type Of Vibratory Conveyor

With several styles of vibratory conveyors available, each one will fit a specific application better than the others. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each in order to aid in selection and application.

Electromagnetic Conveyor (EMC2+)
Electromagnetic conveyors (EMC2+) are generally used for product distribution systems. This version of the vibratory conveyor uses electromagnets as the driving force to give the pan its vibratory motion, which ultimately moves the product across the pan.
The EMC2+ can be equipped with fine’s removal screens, mid or end air operated discharge gates, and they also have instantaneous start-stop capabilities. Due to the simplicity of design and lack of major moving parts, these conveyors are extremely low maintenance.

Auto-Glide Conveyor
When the loss of seasoning is a concern, or when the conveying of extremely fragile products is a requirement, the Auto-Glide conveyor fits the application perfectly. This vibratory conveyor style uses horizontal back-and-forth motion to convey the product gently.
The Auto-Glide vibratory conveyor can be outfitted with many different options to fit each customer’s individual requirements. Some of these options include air operated discharge gates, product dams, various drive mounting options, wash down capabilities, covers and guarding, and the ability to be ceiling or floor supported.

Reactive Base Conveyor (RBC) or Eccentric Drive Conveyor (ED)
For screening/scalping applications where more pitch and settlement is required, a good choice would be a reactive base conveyor (RBC) or an eccentric drive conveyor (ED). These are mechanically driven conveyors that emit more pitch to the product along with more amplitude, which allows the product to be screened or scalped more effectively.
As with all of Smalley Manufacturing’s equipment, each of the vibratory conveyors are designed and customized for individual application. We engineer our equipment to meet whatever design, sanitation, or safety requirements each customer has.

Contact a member of the Smalley sales team to help you determine the best fit for your application.

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  1. It’s good to know that the Auto-Glide conveyor is used for extremely fragile products. My father is working in a plant and he mentioned that their vibratory separator needs replacement. I’ll mention this to him so that they will know how to choose one.

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