Advice for Going Digital

As Smalley wraps up the first quarter, we take note of how much we rely on the internet to maintain personal and professional communications. We are making minimal phone calls and reading fewer newspapers, instead opting to shoot an email or scroll through the business section of a dot com. Change is happening quickly, and names like “Facebook” and “Twitter” are now part of our everyday vocabulary. The saying “Keep up, or get left behind” definitely applies in our industry, and if there is no marketing or advertising plan in place, our company, and perhaps even yours, won’t thrive.

The following points will assist in maximizing your visibility and creating more advertising opportunities in the coming year:

  • Get Digitally Connected: Today’s world is so internet driven, but only four out of ten small businesses have a dedicated business website. That is a lot of missed opportunities to reach potential customers at a very basic level.
  • Focus On The Places Around You: The amount of interest in local business continues to increase, especially on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Companies must establish ways to be found locally so that they can capture the local market.
  • Acquire Some Assistance: With an ever increasing need for a cyber presence, the necessity for a digital partner is almost imperative. Businesses should focus on what they are good at, while employing the help of someone who is digitally savvy to satisfy those requirements.
  • You Have To Pay To Play: This year will see paid marketing efforts, both in advertising and social networking, increase. With more people getting their news from social media, it is important to maintain a presence on these sites to build relationships with customers.

To meet the demands of the changing world around us, we must increase our efforts to identify ways to implement successful digital marketing plans that will allow us to connect to our customers. Understanding, planning, and implementing these points will help to establish a digital presence that will capture the intended audience and bring more customers to you.

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